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On April 24, 2007, the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum began an $8.3 million renovation to the core exhibits of the life and times of George H.W. Bush. The re-design and construction of the museum will enhance the quality of the exhibits, attract more visitors and help to better describe the President's historic impact on U.S. policy, world events and his commitment to public service.

Now, the museum has reopened. To celebrate, KBTX's half-hour special highlighting the history and the big changes at the museum is available online. "All the Best: 10 Years" can be seen on the righthand side of this page.

Many of the most popular exhibits remain, such as the TBM Avenger like the one Ensign Bush flew during World War II, the section of the Berlin Wall and the Gulf War exhibit.

The re-design also features some state-of-the-art additions. Among some of the exciting and innovative technology being implemented in the museum are handheld audio guides, interactive touch screens and displays that draw the visitor into the mood and feel of the historic eras represented in the museum.

The Air Force One office has been replaced by a replica of the White House situation room that includes an interactive presentation on the decisions leading to the first Gulf War.

The Bush Museum also presents the only Oval Office exhibit that allows visitors to sit in the "seat of power" and have their photo taken behind the President's desk.

For more information, visit the George Bush Presidential Library Online.

George H. W. Bush's Service Highlights

US Navy Pilot

US Representative
Texas’ 7th District

US Ambassador to the UN

CIA Director

US Vice President

US President