New Details Released Surrounding College Station Murder

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Update 4:33pm 9/21/2010

Statement Released by the Hailey Family:


As you can imagine, these past two days have been extremely difficult for our family. Jennifer was a beloved daughter, wonderful mother and caring friend. There are no words to express the depth of our grief over the loss of her life.

At the same time, we are thankful that Cameron survived this horrible ordeal. It was only through God’s hand that he is with us today and we are confident that he will recover through continued love and prayer.

Our family would like to thank the College Station Police Department and Brazos County District Attorney’s Office for their quick action in Jennifer’s case and for keeping us informed of all that was being done to bring to justice those responsible.

We also want to thank the doctors, nurses and staff at the College Station Medical Center for helping save Cameron’s life and for treating us like their own family while we were dealing with this difficult situation.

Finally, we want to thank everyone in the Brazos Valley and across the state who have been praying for us these past two days. You will never know how much your love and support has meant to us.

While this senseless act has devastated our family, we will find peace and comfort through our Lord and the strong bond with each other that He has blessed us with. There is no doubt that Jennifer will be missed in the days, weeks and years ahead. But we know she will not be forgotten and that her spirit will live on in our hearts.

A man has been arrested Monday night accused of killing a College Station mother and severely injuring her 9-year-old son.

45-year-old Stanley Griffin of College Station is in jail charged with murder and injury to a child.

Police have not released a motive for the crime, but the two knew each other. In a statement, Griffin admitted to police that he knew Jennifer Hailey, but said he had never been to her home.

Monday evening police arrested 45-year-old Stanley Griffin for the murder of Jennifer Hailey and also charged him with injury to a child with serious bodily injury.

Griffin was a person of interest throughout the day. After Hailey's son positively identified Griffin as the man he saw on top of his mother, choking her, he was detained as of 5:15 Monday afternoon.

Griffin was also being held on a warrant for violation of his parole.

29-year-old Jennifer Hailey was found dead in her apartment around 5 A.M. in the 2400 block of Perdernales Drive in College Station.

Hailey's 9-year-old son told police Griffin came into his room and struck him in his face and neck. College Station police say the little boy was stabbed several times in the neck with a gardening tool.
He underwent emergency surgery at the Med.

Neighbors we spoke with are still shocked by the events Monday.

"It's awful and completely and truly tragic what has happened and a little scary the thought that it's so close to me. I'm very glad that they got somebody I'm terribly sorry something like that had to happen to such a young woman," said Whitney Sheldon, a neighbor who lives across the street from the victim's apartment.

"We were able to pick him up on that warrant for the parole violation continued the investigation and after he had been detained and was in custody, and were able to get enough information to be able to secure a warrant for his arrest," said Officer Rhonda Seaton, of the College Station Police Department.

Hailey's 9-year-old son is out of surgery, in stable condition, and now recovering in ICU at the College Station Medical Center.

Griffin has been transferred to the Brazos County Jail. He's no stranger to the law; he's been arrested several times.

The most recent arrest was in 2007 for assault family violence.

Hailey's son is a 3rd grade student at Rock Prairie Elementary.

Previous Story:

College Station police have made an arrest in the murder of a College Station mother.

Stanley Lamar Griffin, 45, is charged with murder and injury to a child with serious bodily injury.

Griffin was originally detained as a person of interest and held on a warrant for a violation of his parole. Detectives were able to obtain additional warrants for Griffin and was then charged.

College Station police responded to a residence in the 2400 block of Pedernales Drive at 5 a.m. Monday morning. Authorities are now investigating a homicide and the suspect is still at large.

29-year-old Jennifer Marie Hailey was found dead according to police, and her nine-year-old son is injured and undergoing surgery at College Station Medical Center. A hospital spokesman says the child is is in critical condition and is expected to survive.

The cause of the death and injuries have not been released.

Pedernales Drive is near San Pedro and Balcones in the Southwood Valley area.