"Boobies" Bracelets Bring a Big Buzz

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Over at the C-MENT Skate Shop in south College Station, skate boards are still selling on a regular basis but bracelets are all the rage.

"I think they're really cool. I think they're awesome," said supporter Bailey Albrecht.

"It's a cool bracelet," said fellow supporter Jessica Ladewig.

And this isn't a fancy bracelet it just happens to support breast cancer awareness in a very humorous way.

"I love boobies," said Albrecht, reading the slogan off of her bracelet.

These breast cancer awareness bracelets are selling out fast. In fact, every bracelet C-MENT has in stock has already been spoken for, thanks to pre-orders.

"We get them in at one time, four hours later they were all gone," said Sara Justice with C-MENT Skate Shop.

Justice's family owns the skate shop and she says the slogan is a saucy conversation starter that is doing what it's supposed to. It's creating breast cancer awareness in young adults.

"Guys are getting them just because it says boobies on them but at the same time, what it's going towards is a great cause," said Justice.

Several school districts across the country have banned the "I heart boobies" bracelets, but Bryan and College Station I.S.D say it's a non-issue for them. They won't pick up the bracelets unless they become a distraction.

"This should give teachers the opportunity to talk to kids if they want to learn more about breast cancer awareness. This should open up that door for teachers so I think it's amazing they're not banning them at the schools," said Justice.

And people aren't hesitating to show their support.

"I know a lot of breast cancer survivors and I know people that are battling through cancer, all different types, and I'm just here to support," said Albrecht.

"I have a few family members and friends that have had breast cancer and I want to do anything I can to support them," said Ladewig.

This Saturday, the C-MENT Skate shop will take a group photo of folks wearing the "I heart boobies" bracelets and send it as a show of support to the Keep A Breast foundation.

Coming up in October, the 8th annual Surviving & Thriving Luncheon is set for October 5. On October 8th, the 4th annual Beat the Hell Out of Breast Cancer Festival will take place. We've got information on both of those events in links below.