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Student Accused Of Eating a Roll Call List After Cutting In Line To Get Cotton Bowl Tickets

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Texas A&M Football Coach Dennis Franchione handed out doughnuts the morning of December 9th to students waiting in line for Cotton Bowl tickets, but one student had a hunger for something else.

A female student cut in the front of the line at ticket window 8 and literally ate the roll-call list.

Witnesses said she said the list wasn't university sanctioned and she was "right with god." Immediately, the crowd got upset and started yelling and throwing things.

"As we kept standing out there people kept yelling beat the hell out of the list-eater. As she's up there talking, people started throwing doughnuts at her," said Micah Gertson who was near the crowd at the time.

In reaction to the incident, Coach Fran said, "I had to call roll for one group last night and I guess somebody ate that list. So they're pretty competitive on it, but they've had fun."

The list-eater was sold tickets, after cutting in line. Some witnesses said, after awhile the crowd started yelling "eat your tickets."

The person in question called KBTX and said she regrets what happened and it was never her intent to anger or inconvenience anyone.

She said she never swallowed the list and instead handed it back to the ticket window.

Some students had camped out in line to get tickets as early as December 5th.

The tickets were sold out in an hour and a half.