Former C.S. Mayors Release Letter Against Recall Election

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Rare are the times when politicians can come together and unanimously agree on the same issue.

But, seven former College Station Mayors have come together against the election recall in next month's municipal elections.

In a letter released Friday by the group, the past mayors urge "the citizens of College Station to weigh the consequences of their vote on this recall election."

They go on to say.."if these elected officials are recalled, the future of our city will be greatly harmed. We base these facts on our combined 34 years of experience as former mayors of College Station."

In an interview with News 3, Former Mayor Ben White says, "The recall was never intended to be used against elected officials when someone disliked the way they voted on the issues.' He says the Wellborn group has misused the recall process.

White urged residents to get out and vote and to vote no.
Mayor Nancy, Berry, Council members Katy-Marie Lyles and Dave Ruesink are all subject to the recall election.