Brenham ISD Signs Deal to Air Football Game on Longhorn Network

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All eyes are on the slimmed down Big 12 Conference and the highly publicized Longhorn television network debuting next month.

Texas A&M University President R. Bowen Loftin said, "When it may appear that one or more of us receive different benefits than the other, I believe that takes us in the wrong direction."

He says the possibility of high school football games airing on the Longhorn Network, a joint venture between the University of Texas and ESPN, makes him feel 'uncomfortable.'

The network is set to launch August 26th.

"High school games are very problematic," commented Loftin.

One of the games scheduled to be televised...Brenham High School's second game of the season against Lamar Consolidated.

Loftin said, "How's that change the landscape and ensure equity, in terms of access to potential recruits?...for all universities, not just TX A&M."

Critics say allowing the newly created network to air high school football games would give the University of Texas a recruiting advantage and violate NCAA rules.

"NCAA rules are extremely directed at the recruiting function," Loftin said. "We hope they'll be able to find a way for this to be a non-problem for us."

Officials with Brenham's athletic department confirm they signed a contract with the Longhorn Network early last week, allowing them to broadcast the Cubs' game on September 1st at 7p.m.

Loftin added, "We want to make certain that we come out of this with a clear sense of unity, that all of us are going to be going forward together and we all equally benefit."

Right now, no one's moving forward and the rest of the Big 12 Conference is left waiting for answers.

When asked if A&M would be moving to the SEC, Dr. Loftin said there are 20 other NCAA sanctioned sports to keep in mind before deciding anything drastic.