Classmates, Friends Remembering Mark Harding

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It's been a tragic week for students at College Station Middle School after 14-year-old student Mark Harding Junior died early Wednesday morning when he was struck by a State Trooper while skateboarding.

There was a line of people some even waiting several hours before they opened, to get into the C-Ment Skate Shop in College Station to purchase a t-shirt and offer their support to Mark Harding's family.

Life is different now for the friends and family of 14-year-old Mark Harding.

Arslan Jumayev was his next door neighbor for more than 5 years.

"I used to go over to his house and we, we used to to just hang out in his house it's an honor for us to be setting this up for him in the name of Mark," said Jumayev.

Mark passed away early Wednesday morning when he and a friend were out skateboarding around 1 A.M. and police say State Trooper Justin Stohler accidentally crashed into him in his patrol car.

Linda Fulton's son Christian came up with the idea to sell t-shirts to help Mark's family with expenses.

"It's been a long hard week I think Tuesday's gonna be the hardest but we're hoping to see everybody in their purple on Tuesday and there's gonna be hopefully some smiles at the memorial some great pictures and some good fellowship and some remembering Mark," she said.

"He was always there for us when we need him he would listen. He's just the best," said Amelia Salazar, a College Station Middle School 8th Grader.

"He was very loved and he's like a little brother to us and we miss him very much," said Arslan Jumayev.

News 3 has been told Mark's parents would like to buy a tuba for College Station Middle School; that's the instrument he played in the band.

A memorial service will be held Tuesday at 5 P.M. at Christ United Methodist Church in College Station.

The accident remains under investigation.