Pets Big and Small, No Match For Coyotes in Bryan

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As the city of Bryan works to deal with a coyote issue, residents living in the middle of the city continue to see them and sometimes their pets become prey. On top of that it is not just small pets that could be in danger.

Grace is a 63 lbs., 3-year old Great Dane mix. While she is a large dog, owner, Andrew Nelson says that didn't stop a pack of coyotes from attacking her at their home on Rosemary Drive.

"It sounded like there was a fight going on. I actually came out with my rifle…She was scratched up and bit on her back,” said Nelson about the attack that occurred last year.

Grace has recovered from the incident, but the thought of coyotes attacking such a large animal in the middle of an urban neighborhood is concerning for residents. The latest sighting was just eight blocks from downtown Bryan.

"Chico would've been a breakfast burrito,” said Joe Lapaglia about his beloved 8 lbs. Chiuaua.

Lapaglia was sitting on his porch with Chico early Wednesday morning when Coyotes darted by.

"I know what a coyote looks like because I have hunted them. These were full-grown animals there were no pups,” said Lapaglia.

Three coyotes ran right in front of Lapaglia's house at East 27th Street and Coulter Drive. While the coyotes didn't bother either Lapaglia or Chico, it still concerns him that the predatory animals are running on streets in the middle of the city.

"For kids waiting on school busses or an elderly person working out in the yard...if they come across somebody or they get scared there might be an attack,” said Lapaglia.

The city of Bryan recently hired Texas Agrilife to help control the Coyote issue. The city is asking residents to put garbage in covered containers and do not leave food out for pets. The city has also provided a pamphlet for residents to educate them about coyotes. Just click on the link above to view the pdf file.