Rising Gas Prices Affecting Food Costs

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Truck driving has always been good business for Tom Thornhill, but recently gas prices have affected his company.

"We have a budget," Thornhill with Volvo Rents of Bryan-College Station said. "We anticipated a certain amount of fuel and when it jumps up like this, it has almost been a dollar a gallon in the last 30 days, we have to pass that along to the customers and everybody suffers."

According to Triple A, the average price of diesel fuel nationwide is up more than $1 from where it was a year ago.

"You have oil wells three miles from here and we're paying $3.69 for diesel fuel, that's nuts, that's absolutely crazy," Thornhill said.

Now the pain at the pump is being felt elsewhere. Rising gas prices are also driving up food costs.

"I haven't seen a drastic change, but if it keeps continuing going up I'm sure we will," Mike Marino, the assistant manager of the Farm Patch Market said.

At the Farm Patch Market in Bryan, prices are a little higher than they were a month ago.

"Just a few cents right now," Marino said.

However, compared to a year ago, grocery bills are much higher nationwide.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture shoppers are paying about 13 percent more for milk than last year, 10 percent more for fresh chicken, 12 percent more for apples, and eggs are up 19 percent.

The price hike is now forcing smart shopping.

"I look at the ads and look at what's on sale," one local shopper said. "I buy it in quantities instead of just running back and forth to the store."

"I do buy the cheaper cuts of meat if I can or I buy in bulk if I can," another local shopper said.

If the cost of fuel continues to rise, you will see food prices going up even more.

According to Triple A the average nationwide price of gas is $3.18 a gallon. That is about 68 cents higher than a year ago.