18-Month-Old in Critical Condition After Pit Bull Attack

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Early Tuesday afternoon Montgomery County recorded yet another pit bull attack. This one occurred in the 100 block of Straughter at Rogers Road. Willis Police responded along with Montgomery County Hospital District. When they arrived they found a 18-month-old male bitten in the face, neck and side. His mother was also bitten and scratched but not severely.

MCHD transported both to Hermann Hospital in Houston. The boy remains in critical condition but is expected to recover. The mother is still being treated.

According to Montgomery County Animal Cruelty Officer Tim Holifield the mother had been in the yard with the child in a wagon. She went into the home to get a glass of water and when she returned the pit bull was attacking the child. It is not known how it was able to get free of the chain it was on but when police arrived the dog had already been secured.

Both mother and child lived in the home but did not own the dog. The dog is owned by a male who is currently incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail.

The dog was taken into custody by Animal Control for a 10-day evaluation of rabies. After that it is up to the courts on what will happen with the dog. Texas law says a dog seriously injuring or killing a human must be put down. There is one exception besides police dogs or dogs securing property. In addition Mr. Holifield said the pit bull that killed the child Sunday will be put down. That dog was signed over by the owner to animal control. Even though that dog was in a fenced area and chained could be an exception to the law the court would have to visit, the owner decided it would be to difficult to bring back into the neighborhood but also knowing the dog had killed a human being.