Seat Belt Surveillance

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Officers across the Brazos Valley are keeping an eye out for people who drive without their seat belts.

The annual Click It or Ticket campaign kicked off Friday at Blinn College.

Attendees could check out a simulator ambulance, and learn about possible injuries when a seat belt isn't worn in a crash.

TXDOT says demonstrations of an elevated truck cab called the "rollover convincer," really hit home.

"Once you see in the roll over dynamics and crash dynamics you actually see that the dummies, which are much lighter than adults, actually fly out of the vehicle at a simulated rollover of about 35 miles an hour," said Terri Miller.

Although there's always a chance you could be ticketed for not wearing your seat belt, officers will be stepping up enforcement of seat belt laws during the month long campaign.

Click it or Ticket began in 2002. Since then, the percentage of Texans who buckle up has gone from 76 percent, to 92 percent.