Former Magnolia HS Student Says Gregory Stanley Sexually Assaulted Him

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COLLEGE STATION - A 19 year old former student of Gregory Stanley says he was sexually assaulted by the College Station high school teacher three months ago.

The young man News 3 is calling "Felix" says he decided to tell his story after learning the 42 year old theater arts instructor was arrested Tuesday night for sexual misconduct with a current student.

Felix says he first met Stanley when he was a sophomore at Magnolia High School in 2012. Stanley was his theater arts teacher. "He was my teacher, but he was a friend. He had an open relationship with all his students." Felix says nothing ever happened between the two during that time.

The two re-connected again last May after both had moved to the College Station area. Felix says Stanley texted him out of the blue late at night wanting to catch up. "I was expecting us to go to a late night restaurant. He picked me up and drove me to his apartment."

Felix says he had no reason, at the time, to believe Stanley wasn't being anything other than a friend. The two decided to watch a movie, then he says, Stanley made him two drinks. " My vision starts to go blurry and the last thing I remember is he (Stanley) was massaging my back and I was fully clothed and everything. But, on no account did I let him know that was okay with me to touch me at all."

Felix says he woke up the next day with his clothes off and Stanley attempting to perform a sex act on him. "I know most people would probably get up and say something, but for some reason I felt paralyzed."

Felix says he feels betrayed by his former teacher and friend who he trusted and confided in. He says after hearing that Stanley allegedly engaged in a similar act with a College Station High School student, he wishes he has spoken out sooner because he fears there are more victims. "I really don't think Mr. Stanley should be able to teach again or be around any students because this shouldn't happen again."

Felix says he is considering pressing charges against Stanley.

College Station police confirm Felix has been in touch with them regarding his claims of sexual assault. CSPD says they are investigating. Stanley is on administrative leave from CSISD.

In the meantime, CSPD have also confirmed the College Station high school student's story after recording a phone conversation between the victim and the teacher.

The 17 year old victim says he was contacted Monday afternoon via text message to go to Stanley's home near the 800 block of San Saba in College Station. The teen says he arrived at Stanley's home and was given an alcoholic drink. He then claims Stanley massaged him and sexually assaulted him.

The teen later went to police. Stanley later apologized to the 17 year old and suggested he would give him a prominent position within a student organization "if we could just move on."

Stanley faces a second degree felony which carries up to 20 years in prison. He is free on bond and has been place on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

He's been with the district since 2013.


College Station High School theatre arts teacher Greg Stanley has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation by CSPD.

Accusations of this nature are disturbing, and if proven to be true, unacceptable. CSISD will fully cooperate with College Station PD during the investigation. The safety and well-being of students is the top priority of CSISD and misconduct of this nature will not be tolerated by any CSISD employee.