Crime Wave Hits Northgate Area

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An early morning crime spree in the Northgate area woke Haouaoui Mohammed in the middle of the night.

"I heard some loud sounds I thought someone was moving something so I didn't wake up to see what was happening," Haouaoui Mohammed said. "But a police officer came to my apartment knocked on the door and told me some cars were hit."

When Mohammed walked outside he found his car and others hit in several places.

Police say 16 cars were damaged all in the same area, but none were broken into.

Only one person caught a glimpse of the person responsible.

"When the person that reported the crime went outside and said something the individual ran off and he couldn't tell what area," College Station Police Chief Michael Clancey said.

The witness did tell police he thought the person was a Hispanic male, medium build, and wearing a brown flannel jacket. However, police say because it was dark the description could be a little off.

As for the reason, Mohammed and other residents believe someone could be targeting international students.

"I would think this is a hate crime because there is known to be mainly international students here and this is the reason that came to mind," Mohammed said.

But police say that is only a possibility.

"You have to look at every angle," Chief Clancey said. “I mean this could be anything from someone furious at the world or targeting one individual or a group of individuals. Right now we have nothing concrete that says that at this time."

So now police are asking for your help. If you have any information you are asked to call the College Station Police Department at 764-3600.