Northgate Highrise Evacuated Due to Kitchen Fire

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COLLEGE STATION The Rise at Northgate was briefly evacuated after a kitchen fire broke out on the seventh floor of the building Wednesday night, according to College Station fire officials.

Firefighters got the call around 5:47p.m. Residents reported seeing white smoke in the hallway, but the fire was limited to one unit.

Firefighters say the apartment sprinkler system extinguished the fire before it spread to any other units.

Some residents on 4 floors were alerted by fire alarms and were evacuated from the highrise.

Two A&M students who live on the 7th floor, near where the fire started, say they were alerted by smoke and someone yelling.

Tyler Williams said, "We heard someone yelling down the hallway to get out so we thought it was serious and we went out and there was smoke, white smoke and clouds in the hallway."

Connor Beardmore continued, "And when we walk out to the stairs, we had to pass that room and there is just smoke coming out the top of it and water coming out the bottom."

The Rise is 17 stories high, and the College Station Fire Department says the fire suppression system in the complex and firefighter response all worked well to keep this from being something more serious.

Those students living on the 7th floor were expected to be allowed to return after a cleanup Wednesday night..