Postal Service Conducting Survey in Bryan

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The United States Postal Service is deciding if Bryan's processing facility should be consolidated with North Houston's.

That could mean anything mailed from a zip code beginning with 778, which is most of the Brazos Valley, would go to North Houston first to get canceled, then back to Bryan for processing, then finally to its destination, even if the letter is mailed to your neighbor.

The post office is not saying what else could come out of the survey, if anything. In a letter sent out in February USPS says:

"Today's challenge is to modify the utilization of existing facilities, to locate future processing plants, to efficiently serve growing population centers while providing universal service to the rest of the nation at a reasonable cost."

Regarding the issue at hand and the possible delay associated with route changes, U.S. Representative Chet Edwards released this statement.

"I am concerned that closure of the Bryan Postal Distribution Center could delay delivery of mail in Brazos County by one to three days, which could be a problem for businesses and families."

Congressman Edwards says he's toured the Bryan facility and will meet next week with USPS to discuss the issue in detail.

The Bryan Post office refuses to comment on the issue. While USPS hasn't released any information on whether there will be job cuts or what delay Brazos Valley residents should expect.