Dixie Chicken Items Up For Grabs

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Energy was all around as people from near and far bid on memorabilia from a local landmark.

From bar ware, to tables and chairs, old items from the Dixie Chicken and Chicken Oil Company have been in storage for years. Saturday, the owners auctioned the memorabilia in Bryan.

"We thought that someone would really love it and like to use it and show it off to their friends and say they have a little piece of the Dixie Chicken," said Jennifer Ganter, Dixie Chicken, Inc.

More than 300 people came to bid at the auction, but they weren't the only ones trying to purchase a piece of the Chicken. Items were also up for grabs on e-bay.

"You can bid on e-bay and there's a person in there on the computer that's calculating those bids and telling them when it's going up and when it's not," said Ganter.

Most bidders say it's the life long memories they have from the Chicken that led them to the auction.

"I definitely would like one of the domino tables of course because I spent so many hours sitting at them," said Margaret Hill, bidder.

"My wife and I actually both worked at Chicken Oil Company when we were in college, that's where we met. We came out last night and looked at some of the stuff and just wanted to see if maybe we could get a part of the history," said Russell Young, bidder.

While she feels the auction was inevitable, Ganter says her emotions ran high as she watched the items being sold.

"My stomach has been in knots all day it's hard that's all there is to say it's just really hard but we have to do it," said Ganter.

But this is only the beginning, there's even more Chicken memorabilia that wasn't up for bid Saturday. It is likely there will be two more auctions before all of the items are sold.