Family of Milam County Good Samaritan Speaks Out

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Family members of the Milam County man injured while trying to break up a fight are speaking out. They want the person who severely hurt Jerry Sowders of Gause to come forward.

Sowders was trying to break up a fight early Sunday morning when he was knocked out.

"We all loaded up and came back this way and that's when we found out what happened," Robert Sowders, Jerry's brother said.

Sunday morning Robert's brother Jerry was knocked out while trying to break up a fight outside of Rockies, a bar connected to Post Oak Mall in College Station.

Jerry fell down and hit his head on the pavement and was rushed to the College Station Medical Center for severe head injuries.

"It broke my heart. It was very hard to see Jerry laying there helpless like that," Jerry's friend Debbie Paschall said.

Family members say Jerry's temple was fractured and he hasn't regained his short term memory. However, we're told he is making small improvements.

"He remembers who I am and he's glad that I'm here to see him," Jerry's daughter Amy Sowders said.

"He is just the best person I could have in my life he'd give me his shirt off his back, if I wanted it," Paschall said.

Family and friends are urging whoever hurt Jerry to come forward.

"To the person or persons who did this, if they have any heart, we'd like them to come forward and confess," Robert Sowders said.

Family members say this way they can put one part of the traumatic ordeal behind them and focus on Jerry's recovery.

Jerry's family and friends are hosting a benefit in his honor.

It is scheduled for August 2 and 3 in Hearne. Times and location are still being firmed up but there will be barbecue for sale.

If you'd like to make a donation, an account has also been set up for Sowders at First Star Bank in Hearne.

The College Station Police Department says it has not made an arrest in the case.