A Grimes County Haunting

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It's a courthouse that's home to some famous trials including a member of the famous Barrow-Gang-who vowed he'd see the Anderson courthouse in "infernal regions." Now some say the courthouse is the home to a Grimes County haunting.

By day it's one of the most beautiful buildings to see in Grimes County. It's Victorian architecture, mixed with a little bit of country charm, makes it standout from other courthouses across the state.

But it's what's happening inside that is getting it attention.

"Like doors slamming, and sometimes it sounds like maybe the elevator is running," Court Administrator Larry McGinnis said.

"I was raised in an old house and this is a very, very old courthouse and there are always noises and things that happen," Grimes County Judge Betty Shiflett said. "But I never associated it with another presence in the building."

That is until now, because when the sun goes down and the moon shines big and bright in the sky that's when some say strange things begin to happen.

"Occasionally in the evening you can hear strange noises here," a court employee said.

That's where the paranormal team E Squared comes in.

"Some people go hunting, or fishing, we chase ghosts," Eugene Jackson said.

Eugene Jackson is one of the founding members of E Squared, a ghost hunter team out of Houston. He is partner Eric had the opportunity to see if the courthouse lived up to all the hype.

"We go in with an attitude of debunking things, finding out what sounds are, what things are," Jackson said. "What we found was really nothing that was going to be very interesting."

At least that's what they thought. But when they went back and watched the video that's when they saw something out of the ordinary.

"In a second you will see a black shadow that will move back and forth in the light," an investigator said.

Eric and his team, watched the video multiple times and even tried to recreate the shadow they capture with no luck. Their conclusion.....

"There was no explanation for it," Eric said.

"I believe there are things that are happening at the Anderson Courthouse," Jackson added.

The team leaves it up to everyone else to to decide if a building is truly haunted and after showing the video to those at the courthouse...

"It made me a believer less of a skeptic," one court employee said.

"I would have to agree there were some strange things you could see on the tape," Judge Shiflett said.

But just as these ghost hunters told them, you be the judge for yourself.

The investigators with E Squared do this as a hobby, so all of their services are free of charge. After they visited the courthouse they went on down the road to the Horlock House where they say they found even stranger things.

Enough so to say, yes the Horlock House is Haunted.