Aggie Barn Defaced Days Before Clash with Baylor

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Ahead of this weekend's football game, some Baylor Bears have taken their trash talk off the field, and to a barn. It's halfway between College Station and Waco, but this barn is all Texas A&M; at least it was, until Wednesday night.

Thursday afternoon, the paint was still wet on the old Aggie Barn, in Reagan.

"I was thoroughly upset," said Jake Swinnea. Swinnea's parents, both Aggies, own the barn now.

By Thursday morning, Texas A&M fans driving past the old building on Highway 6 saw green and gold on top of the barn's usual maroon and white.

"I have a pretty good idea of who it could be but, I mean, I don't think this is going to change the outcome for this weekend you know," said Swinnea.

Swinnea is part of Texas A&M University's class of 2011. He painted his class year on side of the barn.

"Everyone comes down and paints their class on here," said Swinnea.

However, Swinnea says it was Baylor fans doing the painting Wednesday night. They tarnished A&M letters on one side and dumped buckets of paint on the front, but didn't touch a cutout on top of the barn known as "Old Sarge."

"Old Sarge has just always been up here, he's one of the main parts of the barn I feel like," said Swinnea. "The guy who originally built this, he was class of '24."

Some bear fans appear to not care about history. Swinnea says its not the first time.

"I guess they actually did beat us one year and they were gonna try and have a plane like a crop duster come over and drop paint on top of it, but the crop duster they called was an Aggie," said Swinnea.

The barn is set to get a fresh coat of paint, one without gold and green and will be ready to go by game day.

"By Saturday it's going to be hopefully all maroon and white again," said Swinnea.