Gourmet Chocolate Factory Open in Calvert

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They're delicious, divine, and if customers aren't sure what to pick, the owners will let them try a sample.

CocoaModa is part gourmet chocolate boutique, part french restaurant, 100 % eclectic Calvert.

"Just off main street, and you have huge mansions, victorian mansions on a whole city block. Where do you get that? You just don't get it," said Ken Wilkinson.

Eighteen months ago, Wilkinson, a chef for 40 years, began renovating a smart looking building in downtown Calvert.

"Its a reflection of our product, our chocolates; the best of the best, so why not the buildings too?," said Wilkinson.

The doors at CocoaModa have been open about 12 weeks. So far, Ken says the economy doesn't worry him.

"There are products that still sell. Chocolate is one of them, particularly if its high end," said Wilkinson.

Each ball of goodness sold at CocoaModa is lovingly handmade.

"Its very fidgitty work, so they do take a long time," said Wilkinson. "All of the ones that have a shine on them are hand dipped."

Its a process completed just down the street, in Cocoamoda's chocolate factory.

"They have a very limited shelf life. There are no preservatives, so you buy them, you eat them, that's that," said Wilkinson.

The chocolatier is serious about his chocolate, and thinks customers will love it, once they try it.

"Don't make me chase you for a sample, sust come in for a sample," said Wilkinson.

CocoaModa is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 9a.m., to 10p.m..