New District Attorney Aims For Big Changes

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Many new faces – and some old ones – were officially sworn into office Thursday in Washington County.

One of those included Bill Parham, who is taking over as the new district attorney for both Washington and Burleson counties.

Parham has made big waves already by letting go six employees from the previous district attorney’s staff.

But Parham said the move was necessary to restructure the D.A.’s office so that it can handle cases with better efficiency. Parham plans to place two assistant district attorneys in Burleson County and another two in Washington County, while eliminating one investigator position.

And while getting some of the backlogged grand jury cases cleared is a big priority, it’s not the only thing Parham will be working on in his first day in office.

“It’s a full facet of what are you doing and what do you need to do? To say one thing’s more important than the other, I don’t think you can say that. You’re just going to have to take it steady, keep moving forward, and deal with it all. Like I said, just hit the ground running,” Parham said.

Parham, who won the November elections with 52 percent of the vote over two-term incumbent Renee Mueller, is the first republican district attorney to serve either county.