CS Police to Enforce New Smoking Ban

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Smokers in College Station, listen up: only 3 days left to smoke in a College Station bar or restaurant.

"The smoking ban is going into effect on Super Bowl Sunday, which I think is a really bad idea because that is like one of the most publicized days for bars, and you're not gonna be able to smoke," said smoker Danny Merritt.

Wednesday, city council members in Dallas approved spending over $165,674 to hire three new smoking-ban enforcers.

College Station plans to use to enforce its ban a different way.

"The primary contact will be the police department," said College Station City manager Glenn Brown.

"That would be an awkward call," said smoker Jenna Jacobson. "I don't know how it would go."

"Hey I got this guy smoking and I need you to do something about it," said smoker Danny Merritt.

"911, I see somebody smoking in a bar," joked Jacobson.

"Its not 911 calls, its 764-3600," said Brown. "Obviously these won't be treated as a high priority like a robbery or something like that."

There are a few other numbers to know, like 20: the number of feet away smokers must be from a front door. It makes the Northgate sidewalk along University off limits for smokers, as well as a few places on the other side of Northgate.

Smokers and bar and restaurant managers have until Saturday night to get the new rules down, before the clock strikes midnight.

"We will start enforcing the law, we have no choice," said Randa Cooper of the Dixie Chicken. "We want everybody to come in and have a good time and smoking is part of most bars, so we'll see what happens."

City employees said they expect the number of calls to be high this weekend, then eventually taper off.