Coalition For Life Moves Closer to Planned Parenthood

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It's a local clash between Planned Parenthood and an anti-abortion group with national acclaim. Now, the parties involved will be getting a bit closer.

Every day, rain or shine, Coalition For Life members stand in front of the Bryan Planned Parenthood.

"According to the Bryan Police, this is the most protested place in America," said the coalition's Director, Shawn Carney. "Of course we're there praying, we don't see it as protesting."

The coalition, which is made up of 40 area churches, just bought a building on the corner of E. 29th Street and Carter Creek Parkway. Its just down the road from Planned Parenthood's E. 29th Street office.

"50 yards if that," said Carney.

Soon, what is currently a barbershop will become a place of offices and counseling rooms.

"We are simply there to lovingly offer alternatives," said Carney.

Planned parenthood did not return a call or e-mail for comment, but the two organizations have been butting heads since Planned Parenthood announced it would begin offering abortions in Bryan, in 1998.

"They said that Bryan-College Station would be like most cities where the opposition would go away in six to nine months. That has not been the case," said Carney.

Carney believes the closer headquarters will be another step in the coalition's mission.

"And shows our permanent commitment to be here until Planned Parenthood leaves town," said Carney.

Until that happens, both organizations will be neighbors.

According to Carney, the new location will be up and running in about a month.