Oakwood Police Chief Jailed, Wife Has Marks With Appearance of "Taser"

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He's been the Oakwood Police Chief for almost two months. Now he's out of a job and jailed on a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The Leon County community had sworn in Oly Yahnson Ivy, 30, just two months earlier as its police chief.

Ivy's warrant was apparently issued after authorities had investigated a possible past incident in his home. A teletype had been sent out Monday morning advising law enforcement agencies that a "wanted individual was a peace officer possibly in possession of a badge, police radio and weapons".

He was arrested in nearby Anderson County shortly after that. Anderson County then transferred Ivy to Leon County where he is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Monday night, the Oakwood city council voted unanimously to let Ivy go. Council members were informed that Ivy's wife had damage consistent of that made by a "taser".

The Leon County Today reports that Oakwood Mayor Vicki Stroud said, "He is innocent until proven guilty, but it would be impossible for him to be an effective lawman in Oakwood after this."

Ivy moved his wife and three children from Milam County where he was a sheriff's deputy for that county.