CPS Investigating Bryan Police Chief

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An outside grand jury didn't think he did anything criminal in a domestic dispute, but now another state agency is investigating Bryan Police Chief Ty Morrow.

Morrow is the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation. Both Morrow and an attorney for Cindy Morrow confirmed CPS was called, but both told News 3 different stories.

Cindy Morrow's attorney said the CPS investigation related to an accusation made by one of Cindy Morrow's children. The couple has no children together, but each have kids from a previous marriage.

Ty Morrow tells News 3 that the CPS investigation was closed a few weeks ago. He said it stems from a spanking he said Cindy asked him to give one of her children over a year ago, when that child got into trouble with police.

According to the chief, the accusations of child abuse were not made until weeks after Cindy filed for divorce, which took place in March.

Involvement by Child Protective Services comes to light as the city of Bryan wraps up its internal investigation into a November domestic dispute. City Manager David Watkins is awaiting a final report from a consultant hired by the city to investigate the incident.

"We're aware of that," said Bryan Deputy City Manager Hugh Walker of the CPS investigation. "While it may weigh on a decision that David has to make. That's really not something that we look into. That's something for Child Protective Services to deal with."

A spokesperson for CPS couldn't confirm the agency was investigating, or whether the case was closed.

Morrow has taken a strong stand against child abuse because of abuse he has said he was subjected to as a child.