Will CS's Search for a New Chief Come Cheaper?

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The search for a new police chief is on the horizon in College Station following the resignation of Michael Ikner. While city leaders are still working on how they'll move forward with a search, it appears they will get a discount on it.

According to city officials, the deal they had with the consulting firm that conducted the search had a couple money saving clauses.

If Ikner left within two years of his arrival, the consulting firm would give a 50 percent discount on the next search. If Ikner were to leave within just a year, the next search by that firm would be free.

The question is whether that is a year from his resignation or a year from his departure. Ikner's resignation was dated Monday, one day shy of his first year as chief. However, his final day on the job is June 30.

City officials are examining the contract to figure out whether they are owed a full discount or 50 percent off.

The search for Ikner cost College Station more than $25,000, according to city officials.

The chief said he tendered his resignation because of family issues. His wife and children have been living in Arlington since his arrival in College Station last year. Ikner said the intent was for his family to move down once his son finished high school, but that his family became too attached to the area to leave it.