Verzals, Munyon Trying to Move on

After more than 16 hours of deliberating, a Brazos County jury decided Dana Rene Munyon is not guilty.

Munyon, 46, was on trial accused of causing a serious head injury to one-year-old Alexis Verzal. But the jury's ruling cleared her of all charges.

Agreeing on a unanimous verdict didn't come easily. Wednesday morning the jurors sent the judge a note saying they were divided seven to five. The margin slowly got smaller, going ten to two several hours later. It wasn't until after 7 p.m. that they reached an agreement.

We spoke to the Verzals Thursday and they were already headed back to their home in Nebraska. They told us they are disappointed in the outcome of the trial.

Craig Greaves, Munyon's attorney, says she is ready to put this whole thing behind her and get on with her life. It appears she will not re-establish her in-home daycare. During the trial she testified that she decided a long time ago she was never doing that again.

This case has not been easy for anyone involved, including the jury.
One juror told News Three this was the most difficult case she's ever been on.

During the trial one of Munyon's supporters said that regardless of the outcome, no one wins.