Custer's Flag, Grant's Sword on Dallas Auction Block

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DALLAS -- Collectors are planning an all-out assault on Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, this weekend to bid on millions of dollars worth of American Civil War memorabilia.

Among the items up for auction are Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer's frayed battle flag and a diamond-studded sword presented to General Ulysses S. Grant. Each is estimated to bring winning bids around $2 million.

Those and more than 750 other items will be available Sunday and Monday at the site of the 1863 tide-turning Civil War battle. Dallas-based Heritage Auction Galleries will run the auction, and online and phone bidders also will participate.

Custer went on to become a general before leading his men into an 1876 ambush by Lakota and Northern Cheyenne Indians. His Civil War battle flag stayed within his family until 1956.

The Grant sword remained in Grant's family until the 1960s.