86-Year-Old Madison County Woman Graduates With GED

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It's already graduation time for students, and Friday night in Madisonville, a special high school graduation for a student who was born back when Calvin Coolidge was president.

News 3 met 86-year-old Ruby Howell, who believes it's never too late to learn.

The Madisonville High School cafeteria was filled with friends and family for a very special GED graduation ceremony.

And then there's 86-year-old Ruby Howell of Madison County.

No her grandchild isn't graduating.

On this day it's her turn to walk the stage.

You see she had to quit school at the age of 14 when her father became ill and that meant working the family farm.

"I'm pretty old so I don't think it's too old to learn. You learn something every day," said Mrs. Howell.

While Mrs. Howell is a senior citizen senior, her teacher says she was one of the best behaved students.

"She was very studious. Some of them will come and talk and mess around, you have to get them back on task but not Miss Ruby. Miss Ruby stayed on task all the time," said Nita Reynolds, a Madisonville GED Instructor.

Margaret White is 65 and thought she'd be the oldest in the class, until Ruby walked in a little less than two years ago.

"And I said uh uh, you gotta be kidding. But the truth is it's never too late. That's what it shows. And I'm proud and she's proud," laughed White.

"About 'em finishing up high school? I would encourage 'em very much to do that, because I know when my children were growing up I just couldn't wait until they graduated," said Ruby Howell.

Words of wisdom for a great accomplishment at any age.

23 Madisonville GED students graduated Friday night.

Ruby Howell actually finished her studies last year, but not in time for the formal ceremony then.