Disabled Dog Gets New Leg, Lease on Life

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When you see Sully run, you probably don't realize you're watching a miracle in motion.

But it's not just his new artificial foot that's given this Great Pyrenees a new lease on life, it's also the people who saved him in the first place.

Less than a year ago, Sully was in a bad place. Underfed and hobbling on three legs, the 5-year-old found himself lost and alone on a country road near Brenham.

That's when Sully's luck started to change. "A very good Samaritan stopped and picked him up," said Frances DeGelia, Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. "When she picked him up she noticed he had a previously amputated foot."

That kind person hooked up Sully with the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society which immediately went to work on his behalf. The Texas A&M Vet School outfitted him with a cast that was then sent to Ortho Pets Inc. in Colorado. The end result: a custom foot made just for Sully.

"They tweaked it a little bit. They gave it a bigger base. They also at the bottom it kind of appears like he has a little bit of a mud grip tire at the bottom. It's curved like a rocker, it fits his gait," DeGelia said.

While all of this was going on, Sully was under the care of a foster parent who just happened to be an Aggie vet student. And his good fortune didn't stop there. He was recently adopted by a family in Connecticut. "Sully just happened to look like a 'Pyre' that they had had before that had passed away," said DeGelia

But none of this would have been possible without the kindness of people. If Sully is the star of this fairy tale story, the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society is certainly the co-star.

Retired Brazos County J.P. Charles Ellis has fostered three himself. He says the reason is pretty simple. "It's something that makes you feel good," Ellis said. "You have just been responsible for preventing a Pyrenees for example from being turned into a shelter and not being adopted and being euthanized. And that is one of the things that just grates at my heart is to know of a dog being euthanized that could be fostered out here for a little while until we can find him a forever home."