George H.W. Bush Honored as The Sports and Outdoors President

Some fellow anglers praised former President George H.W. Bush's love of fishing and devotion to conservation.

Bush was honored Tuesday night at his presidential library in
College Station in the opening of an exhibit called "The Sports &
Outdoors President."

The display showcases the 85-year-old Bush's commitment to the
environment, with more than two dozen pieces of legislation, such
as the Clean Air Act, passed during his presidency.

Bush, who lives in Houston, has been fishing since his father
taught him as a child.

The stage was appropriately decorated with camping chairs and
fishing poles.

The 41st president says he remembers every spot where he fished,
and "there's something so special about the peaceful solitude that
open seas and wild rivers provide."

Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris called Bush "our
conservation president."