Church Provides CS Family with Extreme Home Makeover

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Can 800 people keep a secret? They did for several weeks, until this weekend, when a local church congregation pulled off an extreme home makeover. Brazos Fellowship, in College Station, didn't have a week to complete the repairs or a network budget. Instead, the church did a renovation in two days with a congregation of volunteers and donations from the community.

On Friday, Angela and Antony Pozzuoli were sent to a concert and then out of town for the weekend. Immediately, their fellow church members began moving furniture and everything else out of the home, so the Pozzuoli's renovation could begin.

"This entire house was gutted from the inside out," said Brazos Fellowship Associate Pastor Brian Linder.

Linder said the idea started small with small groups assigned to complete each room.

"Things started happening that only God can do. People that don't even go to Brazos Fellowship, businesses just offered their services," said Linder.

Days before work was to start, Linder said the church received flooring donations and landscape service donations. Paint and electronics were also donated.

"The donations alone from just this community were in the neighborhood of $15,000 - $20,000," said Linder.

It was more than enough to repair the rotting wood on the exterior of the home and give it a new coat of paint, which was the original plan.

Senior Pastor Will Lewis said the church singled out Angela Pozzuoli to give her an early Mother's Day present and encourage her family.

Angela is a single mom. Her son, 8th-grader Antony, has a rare eye disease, that at one point left him completely blind.

"He's had to go through surgeries to remove the scar tissue to lay the retinas back down. Because of all the surgeries, cataracts formed and he had to have cataract surgery," said Angela.

Antony has undergone nine surgeries in the last three years. During that same time, Antony's father passed away.

Both Angela and Antony were driven home Sunday afternoon to the driveway across from their home, then escorted across the street, where a Brazos Fellowship trailer blocked their view of their house.

"I know through all of that, you haven't been able to keep everything up," Lewis told them, standing in front of the trailer, "we thought hey let's repair it and let's just take it up a step just a little notch, up a little bit."

The reveal left Angela in tears and Antony speechless.

"I never even dreamed that my house could have looked like that," said Angela, "I mean, I don't know why they chose us. I mean, I feel like I'm not that person they should have chose (sic)."

"Ya'll are just amazing and I have never felt more loved than right now," said Angela.