Authorities Call Brazos Co. Home Fire 'Suspicious'

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A large fire in Brazos County is under suspicion and Sheriff Chris Kirk said the department isn't ruling out arson.

Volunteer Firefighters were dispatched to the 5700 block of Burt Road just before 3 p.m. Sunday to a burning vacant home.

Randy Holler said his relatives live nearby. "My foot was kinda hittin' that accelerator 90 to nothing. I saw smoke when I got on Burt Lane, I thought it was my house," said Holler.

Not only was the home burning, so was a nearby building, part of the field behind and then there was the wind.

"Yeah and that didn't help a lot either," said Jesse Contreras, a volunteer firefighter with Brazos County Precinct Four.

Contreras said it took about 3,000 gallons to extinguish.

"We don't have a hydrant nearby so we just have to transport water in," said Contreras.

The Sheriff's department said the cause is still under investigation but the state fire marshall will be contacted. Kirk said a neighbor saw two people and a vehicle near the home just before the fire.

"Said they heard a pop noise and then the house went up so I mean ain't nobody lived in it for at least 10 years so ain't no electricity going to it," said Holler.

An hour after it started, most of the fire was out, leaving a singed frame and the beginning of an investigation.

Kirk said the owner of the home lives out of state and that he believed the property was being managed by an estate.