Emergency Crews Respond to Brazos County Oil Leak

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An oil disaster on a much smaller scale and in our own backyard.

Crews from across Texas are making their way to Brazos County to help clean up oil reportedly leaking into Thompson Creek.

Around 6 o'clock Wednesday evening, Brazos County Precinct Four fire department received phone calls of an oil slick in the high water near Thompson Creek.

When first responders arrived that's exactly what they found.

The water rising from the creek washed out two smudge pits near a recently re-drilled oil well. The well site is located off of Highway 21 near Smetana.

Brazos County Precinct Four received help in containing the spill from the Hazmat teams from Bryan and College Station. A boat was used to place a boom in the high water to contain the spill.

Witnesses say land owners are moving livestock away from Thompson creek.

The Brazos County Sheriff's Department says the Railroad Commission and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality have been notified.

We're told the company that owns the oil well has contacted a company from Conroe to handle the clean up.

Meanwhile the Texas Railroad Commission could send a representative to the site since that state agency oversees oil and gas drilling in Texas.