Flores Calls Gulf Clean Up Inadequate, Disagrees with Drilling Stop

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Tuesday, the Republican seeking to represent Texas' 17th District in the US House criticized the oil company at the center of the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Obama administration for its response.

Bill Flores is looking to unseat Congressman Chet Edwards. Tuesday, he appeared on Brazos Valley This Morning, first commenting on BP's efforts since the oil rig explosion nearly 60 days ago.

"I think they have done a reasonably good job in trying to kill that well under very adverse circumstances," the Republican from Bryan said. "On the other hand, the clean-up efforts that they've gone through have been woefully inadequate at this point."

Flores spent decades in the oil and gas industry as a top executive. Tuesday, he said oil companies are supposed to have plans in place for bad spills, but the response they have shown is not adequate in his opinion.

He also commented on the six-month moratorium in place for off-shore oil drilling, an Obama-administration move that Flores decried.

"That is going to have a hugely adverse impact on jobs in Texas and Louisiana, also along the Gulf Coast," Flores said, "and it's going to cause an adversely-impacted security situation for this country longer term."

The president has cited the "oil industry's cozy and sometimes corrupt relationship" with federal regulators. He called on a commission to review how this particular event came to pass, and vowed to create better oversight of the oil industry.

Flores compared the situation to the airline industry, saying the crash of one jet does not mean the government shuts down all flights. He said inspections of all deep-water drilling operations and in-depth reviews are appropriate.

"Let's not make a public relations event out of this until we get the well killed and get the spill cleaned up," Flores said.

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