Dallas Cop Accused of Shooting Gun in Squad Car

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DALLAS (AP) - A Dallas police officer who fired a gun in a squad car during a drunken off-duty incident faces a misdemeanor discharging a weapon charge.

Officer Kelly Beemer has been placed on administrative leave. A criminal investigation is underway.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown says "the recklessness she displayed is unacceptable conduct." Beemer's attorney declined to comment.

Police say Beemer had been drinking at a Dallas bar Wednesday night. An in-car video camera shows two on-duty patrol officers escorting a staggering and incoherent Beemer into the back seat of one of their squad cars. While the car was in motion, Beemer demanded that the officer stop as she tried to open the door. Then she pulled a revolver from her ankle holster and fired into the floorboard.

No one was injured.