A Juror's Reaction After the Gabriel Hall Capital Murder Trial

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The 22-year-old convicted killer stood in between his attorneys Wednesday night as he learned his fate.

Jurors spent 7 hours deliberating before handing up the death sentence to Judge Bryan.

News 3 received a statement from one Juror who asked to remain anonymous. It reads:

"The jury agreed to keep the details of the deliberation confidential. The special issues were not easy to answer, and we did not take them, or our duty as jurors, lightly. After several hours of thoughtful deliberation, we reached the unanimous decisions to the special issues. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this tragic case; especially Linda Shaar and everyone else who knew and loved Commander Edwin Shaar."

Brazos County District Attorney, Jarvis Parsons, says "what we try to do is meet injustice with justice and that's what this whole case is about it wasn't about us, it wasn't about him, it's about what the defendant did."

Hall entered a College Station home four years ago and used a gun and knife to murder Edwin Shaar, Jr. His wife Linda's throat was cut open, but she survived. Hall said he enjoyed attacking them, and did it because he was unhappy with his own life.

"This was almost a perfect crime, if it wasn't for one or two millimeters we wouldn't have had a suspect and this could have happened over and over again," says Parsons.

Throughout the month-long trial, the defense focused on Gabriel's adoptive mother, Karen Hall and accusations she emotionally and physically abused Gabriel and his siblings, something prosecutors said wasn't an excuse for murder.

Parsons says, "It was a random act and many time people can't wrap their minds around that, but that's the part that made it different. Like one of the experts said that he has interviewed hundreds of people and no one has killed just for the sake of violence, intrinsic violence, just to see someone die and that unnerved a lot of people."

Hall has an automatic appeal by state law. He will be transported to death row in Livingston on Friday. We've asked his defense team for comments, but they've not given us any.