A&M Brings Journalism Back to the Majors

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas After it was phased out ten years ago, Texas A&M University officials say the school will once again offer journalism as a major.

After 35 years in the journalism business, Director of Journalism Studies Dale Rice said he's excited to see the program at A&M make a comeback.

Rice said the minor in journalism the school currently offers has become increasingly more popular with students over the years.

"It's grown in five years from fewer than 20 students, to more than 80," said Rice.

The program is expected to be rigorous. Only 25 students a year will be accepted, and every student will be required to have two minors with one of those minors outside of the College of Liberal Arts..

"The idea of two minors is the idea that you are developing yourself across disciplines," said Rice.

The program will be print-journalism based, with no classes in broadcast journalism offered. Rice said the school plans to teach traditional print journalism along with the developing web-based media.

"So that we teach the standard forms of journalism, like newspaper and magazine," said Rice. "But we also enhance that significantly with an understanding and experience with all sorts of social media, particularly blogging."

The program kicks off in the Fall of 2014, and will be available to freshman and some students who wish to switch to a new major.