A&M Dealing with Bat Colony at Kyle Field

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Texas A&M officials say Kyle Field may not be home to a colony of Mexican free-tailed bats for much longer.

Texas A&M hired RP Lee Termite and Pest Control to handle the bat relocation project last year. Pest control specialists say they hope to finish up this week.

Experts say the bats started roosting at Kyle Field after The Bernard C. Richardson Zone was built nine years ago. Officials say cleaning up the bats will cost the University an estimated $100,000.

“[The bats] are very beneficial, just the area they picked for their home isn't the best for everybody,” said Dusty Lee, RP Lee Termite and Pest Control.

Dusty Lee says the bulk of the bat population lives in The Zone, so pest control specialists are putting up nets that will allow bats to get out, but prevent them from coming back in.

“We don't do any harm to them, all we're trying to do is exclude them, said Lee.

Pest control specialists say there is a possibility that the bats will relocate to another part of the stadium. That's why University officials say they're working with developers to eliminate roosting spots, and make sure the new and improved Kyle Field will be bat free.

“Due to the smell, and they do carry rabies...safety hazards is the main reason for doing this,” said Lee.

There are tin shields over water fountains in the Zone to catch bat droppings now.

The bat problem may be solved in time for stadium renovations, but A&M officials say the relocation timeline was based on bat migration patterns. This is the time of year when many of the bats are gone.