A&M Moving Forward with Gardens and Greenway Project

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TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - Texas A&M is in the early stages of planning big changes for it's West Campus.

Professor and project coordinate Doug Welsh says the Gardens and Greenway project has been in the works for more than 20 years, but the University finally started moving forward with plans last year.

"It'll be gorgeous. This is about creating an outdoor laboratory, an outdoor teaching facility, a place where students can get their hands dirty," said Welsh.

Renovations to the 44 acre plot of land north of Kimbrough Blvd. will be built around White Creek.

In addition to an arboretum and a Howdy station where there will be regular Farmer's Markets, the Gardens and Greenway Project will also add an amphitheater, wild flower meadow, and a rose garden to the growing university.

A&M officials estimate price tag will be about $60 million to build and then maintain.

"This may be a 3-5 year project, it may be a 20 year project," said Welsh.

The project could break ground as early as next summer.

Texas A&M officials say the university will foot some of the bill, but this project will be primarily be funded through donations.