A&M Students Make Art Out Of Pennies

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Placing a penny on Sully is an honored tradition for Aggies.

The former president of Texas A&M, Sul Ross would tutor students for one red cent back in the 1890's but his statue is said to bring luck to those who carefully place a pretty penny at his feet.

The tradition lead a few graphic design students to put their penny pinching to good use and make a little art that made some cents.

"It was really nice and really relaxing to do kind of a mundane task, just laying out pennies," joked senior Tara Gerke.

Aggies seniors Tara Gerke, Jessica Powell, and Lauren Costin usually work with computers when it comes to graphic design but this project was a little more hands on and helped raise awareness of their field of study of Texas A&M.

"I think it just felt really good to get some publicity for the visualization program since it's not really well known and to get other Aggies involved since all of these pennies were donated," said Gerke.

In all 13,500 pennies were used to spell out a word that is probably the main reason people place pennies on Sully. Procrastination.

"Kind of a lot of irony there," said Gerke with a laugh.

The art has been circulating all over the internet and it's doing exactly what these future graphic designers wanted.

"It makes me really excited about the future, especially with our graduations approaching. It's nice to know that what we're doing long term is going to make people happy and help them appreciate art," said Powell.

The 13,500 pennies used in the penny art will meet the same fate as the rest of the pennies at Sully's feet. They'll be donated to the Boys and Girls Club.