Aggie Engineers Making Safer Hazardous Materials Tankers For Transportation

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BRAZOS COUNTY - Accidents can happen on our interstates at any moment.

The bigger the load the bigger the potential for disaster.

A local company founded by Aggie engineers is trying to make our roads safer by doing something that has never been done before.

At first glance you'd probably never notice this building off Highway 30 outside College Station.

But inside Exosent Engineering is making history.

"It's a game changer," said Andrew Duggleby Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Exosent Engineering.

He and his business partner are Mechanical Engineering Professors at Texas A&M.

They're designing a safer way to haul hazardous materials.

They started several years ago building simple water tankers.

"It was you know too much for just a simple water hauling vessel and so we realized in order to leverage our high engineering we needed to get into all hazardous hauling so that's the propane, crude oil, acid," Duggleby explained.

Three years worth of effort has resulted in the first major changes in tanker design in 50 years.

Using cutting engineering and the latest manufacturing techniques these tankers are less likely to roll over and that keeps all of us safer on the road.

"As you get past the wheels it drops down it comes down another 16 inches, lowers the center of gravity by a foot and that's huge," showed Duggleby.

Co-Founder U.V. Doron hopes to use the business and his ties at A&M to create more local jobs for Aggies.

"You know we can bring in engineers right from the engineering school and keep those jobs here and keep this area growing," Doron said.

The company is currently working with the City of Bryan to find more land for expansion.

Exosent Engineering has 30 employees and has built 15 tanker vessels so far with customers in the U.S. and Canada.

They're looking to someday design safer rail tankers as well.