Alex Ford Trial Sentencing Phase Begins

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Emotional testimony today as the driver convicted of slamming into a patrol car, seriously injuring a College Station cop, takes the stand in her own defense.
Alex Ford says she regrets hurting Officer Tracy Sheets.

Seven people took the stand as character witnesses for Alex Ford...longtime family friends as well as one of her family members who is also a defense attorney.
Andy Taylor told the jury not to send her to prison because in his opinion, "it's a place of isolation, not rehabilitation."

The friends and family that spoke on her behalf urged the jury to give the former Blinn College student probation, so she could do outreach programs and speak to teens about the dangers of drinking and driving.
They say no good can come from sending Alex Ford to prison, but the prosecution pointed out she can still donate her time to those volunteer programs, while serving a sentence.

Ford's father was present in the courtroom for the first time today and when Alex took the stand herself, her mother couldn't help but break down into tears.

The 23 year-old former Blinn student says she's wanted to be a lawyer since she was a little girl, but now that she's a convicted felon, law school is out of the question.
A jury of 7 women and 5 men found Alex Ford guilty of intoxication assault of a peace officer when she drank and drove head-on into a College Station Police officer's cruiser.

Ford doesn't deny drinking several shots on the night of January 10, 2010, but points out they weren't straight alcohol and says she never would have driven that night if she felt like she was intoxicated.
She couldn't argue with the 0.164 blood test results though and admits she knew better and could have called a taxi.

Alex Ford has a younger brother and Assistant District Attorney Brian Baker asked if he were the one hurt that night what would she want to happen to the person responsible?

"I am not a terrible person. I just made a big mistake. I wish you knew how sorry I was Officer Sheets. I would do anything to take back what happened," Alex Ford, the defendant, said.

CSPD Officer Tracy Sheets became very emotional during this testimony, as well as some of the jurors.

When Ford was asked if she would have wanted any of her family members on Eagle Avenue the night she collided head on with the patrol car, she answered "no."

Ford says she respects the jury's decision, but still doesn't believe she was intoxicated on that night back in January.
Just like Tracy Sheets, she says she thinks about what happened every day...and had to control her crying several times while testifying.

Ford said, "Just sitting here, knowing the judgement...I feel like a piece of crap."

The owner of the now infamous Maserati still remains somewhat of a mystery.
Ford testified a friend who owns a collision shop in Houston regularly let her borrow expensive, exotic cars he buys at auctions and then fixes up.
She had apparently asked for a Range Rover that weekend, but ended up with the Maserati instead.

Closing arguments are scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday morning in the 85th District Court at the Brazos County Courthouse in downtown Bryan.
Jury deliberations will begin directly after.
A former Blinn student and local bartender was found guilty Monday night after less than 4 hours of deliberation for drinking and crashing into a College Station Police officer's patrol car.

The sentencing phase in the Alex Ford trial started this morning after she was found guilty of slamming into a college station cop car..severely injuring the officer inside.

The state kicked things off by calling two young men to the witness stand who were with Alex Ford the night of the crash.

One of them told the jury she explained her driving from Northgate by saying "that's how people drive in Houston."
When asked about how she got the Maserati, he said she responded by making a reference to her sexuality.

Officer Tracy Sheets took the stand again to share her horrific experience and explain how her quality of life has changed.

The state's witnesses testified to seeing headlights, warning Alex Ford about driving recklessly and even one of them getting down on all fours and kissing the ground before the collision on that night in January of 2010.

This recording caused both women and most of the people in the courtroom to cry.

Officer Tracy Sheets said, "Talking to one of my doctors....with prosthesis."

Aside from not being able to continue her career as a patrol officer, Tracy says she can't do other things she loves, like landscape photography.
It requires a lot of hiking on her part, and that's just something she can't do.

Defense witnesses testifying now, including Fords family and friends.

Court resumes at 1:15 p.m.