American Ride TV Show Films at Washington-On-The-Brazos

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WASHINGTON-ON-THE-BRAZOS, Texas An American History TV show made a special stop at Washington-On-The-Brazos State Park for an episode on Texas.

News 3 met the man who's on a mission to keep American History alive.

The scenic banks of the Brazos River provided the perfect backdrop for making some television on a Monday.

Stan Ellsworth is a 6'2, 300-pound biker who taught American History in the classroom. Now, he's teaching it through a TV show called "American Ride."

"What we try to do with our show is help folks remember and most importantly to understand that participation in democracy is probably the biggest responsibility of being a citizen," said Ellsworth.

He's recorded nearly 100 episodes for the show that airs on BYUtv.

On this stop, he's looking at the birthplace of Texas: Washington-On-The-Brazos State Park.

"This is the second part of a new series of seasons we're doing in "American Ride" it's called "Patriots and Presidents" and we started this one up in New Hampshire and we've driven all the way down the Appalachians down to Mississippi and across the Sabine River into Houston just the other day and Texas is beautiful, I love walking among the pecan trees. It's a gorgeous place to be," he said.

Through his show, he hopes people will remember the past and not take history for granted.

"We need to remember the many blessings that have been given to our nation that a lot of people don't get and we need to act accordingly," said Ellsworth.

And even though he's not from the Lone Star State, the former high school teacher was quick to add a pretty common sentiment.

"God bless Texas," he said.

The crew is heading to the San Jacinto Battle Site next.

The episode is set to air in April or May next year.

If you don't get the BYUtv channel you can also watch their episodes online.

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