Austin, Texas: A Target of a Nuclear Strike?

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North Korea has its sights set on Austin, Texas, according to reports based on images released from Asia.

In pictures released by the Rodong newspaper and reported by The Telegraph in the United Kingdom, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is shown at what is described as an emergency meeting early Friday morning.

In the background is a map which reportedly reads "US mainland strike plan" and has lines drawn to multiple American targets that The Telegraph purports to point at Hawaii, Los Angeles, Washington and Austin.

Earlier, the United States had conducted simulated bombing runs on targets in the country.

North Korea says it has put its rockets on standby.

A statement was released Friday by Josh Havens, a spokesperson with Governor Rick Perry's office. "The governor takes all threats to the people of Texas seriously, and we are in touch with the pertinent federal authorities to safeguard our security," he said. "Rather than threatening the centers of liberty and prosperity in the United States, North Korea should attend to the needs of its starving and oppressed people."

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EPA Photo
EPA Photo