B/CS Chamber Takes Small Business Issues to Members of Congress

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In their second full day in Washington D.C., the B/CS delegation says lawmakers are responding to their message. Wednesday, the group split up and made their way around Capitol Hill, visiting with members of congress in their offices.

Speaking about topics as far-ranging as healthcare and new energy sources, members of the B/CS delegation made visits to select members of Congress.

Among their priorities? Make it easier for small businesses to thrive.

Small business owners in Bryan/College Station are frustrated at how difficult it is to start and operate. Rising costs in fuel and healthcare make watching the bottom line and spending critical.

Sam Humphries sees a majority of his inventory walk out his front door every week. As the owner of a flower shop, he'll tell you that the flower business is a beautiful one, but ugly on the pocketbook.

"The price of flowers is skyrocketing," says Humphries.

"We have to be more efficient with our delivery routes," he explains.

Wednesday, during their second day on Capitol Hill, members of the B/CS Chamber delegation spent time visiting members of Congress in their offices. Either by appointment, or by dropping in, they targeted members of Congress that serve or represent interests concerning the Brazos Valley.

"Often members are engaged in what they do here, but having the voice of their constituents back home really does allow them to have sound footing as they represent us," says Bobby Bisor, Director of Community & Economic Development for Texas A&M University.

Not every meeting took place in an office, but the message was heard just the same.

"Right now, the economy is struggling," says Rep. Kevin Brady, of Texas 8th Congressional district.

"Out of Washington you hear a lot of talk about higher taxes and more regulation. Hearing from the Chamber and our small business community about what's important to them, what will help them get hiring again, is critical," he explained.

Back in Texas, Humphries philosophy is simple.

"If they just did their job, the world would be a better place."

The Chamber wraps up its trip to Washington, D.C. on Thursday afternoon, then heads back to Bryan/College Station.