Brazos Valley Bucket List - Newman's Castle

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As you drive down the gravel road that leads to Newman's Castle in Bellville, it's as if you're trucking down a time traveling trail.

Even the scenery seems to change to take you back to a storied time in our world's history.

Yes, there is a full fledged castle in the middle of the Lone Star State and when you arrive, owner Mike Newman makes sure you get a welcome worthy of a king.

"To get people to come out here and leave smiling is a good thing," said Newman.

From his cantilever catapult to one incredible drawbridge Newman built this castle on his own with the help of family and friends.

"Since Home Depot was fresh out of drawbridges, I had to build one of those suckers," joked Newman.

One might ask the man who owns the town bakery why he built it. His answer is simple.

"What else would I want to build out here," joked Newman.

Newman takes folks on tours of his 3,400 square foot castle he also calls his home.

"Since it is such an oddball and unusual thing for the area, I realized that people coming to see the place really enjoyed it. It created in them a sense of wonder and excitement," said Newman.

"Well I just can't believe it," said visitor Mary Ann Faykus.

Faykus had to see the country castle with her own two eyes and she brought her family along to feel like royal subjects for a day.

"He has done tremendous thinking to build this castle and it is just amazing," said Faykus.

The constantly growing structure has a dungeon, a chapel, guest rooms, and an incredible view of the kingdom.

"It's been enough of a mental challenge to keep me excited and interested in it so I haven't gotten bored and I'm still enjoying it," said Newman.

It may not be round but there is a 32 foot long table that you can sit at with 27 of your closest friends. If you're really lucky, Mike might even break out some his homemade Mead for you."

"You do feel like you are in a castle and you're visiting Medieval times," said Faykus.

It's been said that you don't ask a baker about building a castle or a castle builder about baking a cake. But in this very, very rare case, that doesn't apply.

Instead this baker prefers a much simpler life motto.

"Enjoy life, do the right thing, and be generous," said Newman.

Newman's Castle in Bellville a stop in time worth stopping for on our Brazos Valley Bucket List.

A tour of the castle along with lunch will cost you $15 and you can even attend a mystery theater at the castle. We've got more information about it and a link to their website below.