Brazos Valley Haunts: Where to Go for a Spooky Halloween

"Well let me tell you what happened to me."

It's how spooky stories start. How they end is up to you.

"The first thing that pops in is denial," said TFC Paranormal Investigator John Causey. "It's like, do you see something? Nah, no way. My eyes are playing tricks on me. But then it doesn't go away. And then you start wondering." this real? And how do I find out more?

Well, we've got some ideas of places in the Brazos Valley that will pique your paranormal passion.

First stop: the Orviss Vault in Calvert, a late-1800s burial site.

"Everything under the sun has happened at Orviss Vault," said Causey. "Probably because it's such a disturbed site. But the remains of everybody that was inside the vault is gone. Somebody's stolen the bones."

Their bodies may be missing, but paranormal investigators say the Orviss family's spirits have stayed put.

"It was such an electrical feeling in the air that hair rising up on your arms, back of your neck kind of thing," Causey said.

"We get compass readings that reverse polarity out there," said Casey Unger, TFC Paranormal founder and lead investigator. "But overall it's very creepy. It'll make your flesh crawl."

At Liendo Plantation in Hempstead you might find more than Southern hospitality. Our own KBTX crew stayed a night there in 2010.

"Not too many people want to admit that they've seen or heard something no one else has seen," said an employee there in 2010.

But at the 19th-century Liendo Plantation - that's exactly what happens when you start asking questions of your otherworldly hosts.

"Do you feel trapped in this house?" one brave News 3 reporter asked, only to have the room shake in response.

"Guess you got your answer," said one of the investigators.

An answer...possibly from the other side.

A trip to the historical heart of Grimes County lands you in downtown Anderson, and a courthouse with its own secrets.

"I believe there are things that are happening in the Anderson Courthouse," said a courthouse employee in 2008.

By day it's beautiful. By night the Victorian architecture reveals something else trapped in the past.

"Like door slamming usually, and sometimes it sounds like maybe the elevator is running," another employee said.

"There was no explanation for it," said a paranormal investigator.

Back to Calvert for sweets and scares at chocolate factory Cocoamoda.

"There are two things: first, our interest in the paranormal, and second, our interest in chocolate," said TFC's John Causey. "Sign me up."

Ghosthunters say a photo taken in the old factory suggests there's more here than meets the taste buds.

"Right in the back of the room, you can see there's a shadow figure there in the back," Causey said. "I was looking at the pictures, and I went, oh look, there's something. I zoomed in and I went, well that's, you can see through it so it's not one of us."

Whether you're a believer in the paranormal or not, visit one of these places in the Brazos Valley, and you may just stumble upon a story to share. A reason to say, "Let me tell you what happened to me..."