Bryan / College Station Residents Getting Fake Calls From IRS In Tax Scam

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COLLEGE STATION - The tax filing deadline is two weeks from Wednesday.

With April 15 fast approaching thieves are ramping up, trying to steal the money you owe Uncle Sam or even worse, the money Uncle Sam owes you.

News 3 takes a look at some of the tax scams hitting the Brazos Valley.

Tax time is a busy time for thieves. They've called Leo Ibanez of College Station two times this month.

"I'm calling in regards to an enforcement action by the U.S. Treasury, attaining your serious attention. Ignoring this will be an additional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or the grand jury for a federal criminal offense," the voice message said.

The caller from a Washington DC area code claims to be with the IRS.

"The first time they wanted $4,500.60 and the second time it was $3,600 and change," he said.

Ibanez knew better than to take the bait.

"For me it was pretty bogus so it raised red flags," Ibanez said.

In Bryan, disabled Vietnam Veteran Isiah Lovings received an unusual call from New York City.

"He asked me my name and I gave him a fake name and he said well we have a warrant for your arrest that you didn't pay your federal taxes," said Lovings.

The BBB reminds people the IRS will not call you if there's a problem with your taxes but will send you a letter by mail. If you get a suspicious call all you have to do is hang up.

CBS News reports more than 10,000 Americans are being called weekly in these type of scams. Bill McGuire with the Better Business Bureau started getting a spike in complaints six months ago. He says the scammers can use caller ID spoofing technology.

"These people are most likely overseas. They could be Jamaica. They could be Russians. It could be anywhere, but they are usually not in the United States," said McGuire, President of the Better Business Bureau of the Brazos Valley and Deep East Texas.

Leo and Isiah offer words of warning.

"I just pray to God that they catch these folks that's doing this and the citizens just be aware of what's going on," said Isiah Lovings.

A predatory problem difficult to prosecute.

The BBB is also seeing a problem with scammers filing tax returns with stolen social security numbers and people not finding out until they file.

Leo Ibanez received the scam telephone call from (202) 591-1618 while Isiah Lovings fake IRS call was from (646) 543-6910.