Bryan Chocolatier Opens In Time for Texas Reds

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In downtown Bryan it's expected that over 20, 000 people will come out to celebrate the Texas Reds Festival and boost business for local companies like the Chocolate Gallery.

Josh Neubauer and Ciana Patterson opened their new business just in time for Texas Reds.

"We baked all of our product within two days so it's going to be crazy, it'll be fun, but it's going to be crazy," said Ciana Patterson, local Pastry Chef.

Last year the city lost some $140,000, but City Officials say the fest isn't intended to make money so the cost comes with benefits.

"They end up spending dollars in our restaurants, staying at our hotels, buy gas while they're here that kind of immediate impact off sets our investment, but is also long term, folks say I'd like to come and set up in town," said Joseph Dunn, Deputy City Manager.

Meanwhile the married couple are ready for the crowds to pour in, as the Chocolate Gallery opens.

"It's really been a blessing to just kind of have, it's a dream come true so we feel immensely blessed by the opportunity we've been given and we want to make the best of it,"said, the couple.

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page in the link below.